Response To Earrings Substitute Pin



It’s a balancing act. / or / The ball’s in your court. Not as good as the brass comments.

Cohen found his brass balls. Trump can’t find his.  

Shiny infinity, of course. I made a lemniscate (infinity symbol) our of a sterling silver snake.  THOUGH I hope Trump administration does not last to infinity.

To me it looks like the infinity symbol. And infinite patience is what we need in order to put the #TrumpCrimeFamily behind bars. (I predict this will happen in New York State, where it all started & where it should finish

Dots. Connecting the dots.

Two peas in a pod.

behind the 8 ball!

Signifying the ignorance of the male lawmakers in NH who wore pearls to a session where the Moms Demand Action Against Gun Violence were protesting? I missed that story and thank you for making me aware of it. All can read at It was insensitive. If the "defense" has any merit, that group needs to change its symbolism.

Waiting on the GOP to grow a pair... 

Mueller and the SDNY has 45 by the balls?

vertical umlaut

peas in a pod: Trump and Manafort

“Grab ‘em by their silver balls” - rather appropriate for International Wo

men’s Day...

Golden eye... s are watching 

Trump is behind the 8 ball. 

Eyes on Justice

Well, I could say a pair of dumbbells, but isn't that the same as saying Trump?

Pelosi's Brass Balls. After the week she's had, she's earned 'em.

Are you sending a coded message to Republican senators...grow a pair? T

The eyes of justice are upon you!

Looks like a lost part of The Anatomically Correct Oscar

Boobs are stronger than balls.

Jill has balls of steel!! Cohen has balls of steel to sue Trump for legal fees. Represents two ankles balls for inmates. One for Stone the other for Manafort. What Republicans lack? May I be a little rude? The brass balls that Trump will run into when he tries to tangle with the women of Congress like @SpeakerPelosi, @RepMaxineWaters & @AOC between now & the 2020 election. He's definitely losing, hard & fast!

Balls said the Queen, if I had two I’d be King. Putin got Trump’s pelotas mirror mirror on the pin who has the biggest sin Two-tiered justice system? Time for GOP to get a pair.

Oh that’s where Judge Ellis’ cojones were at Manafort sentencing yesterday! Being that it’s international women’s day, it’s only fitting that they’re dt balls. Although maybe a smaller pair would have been sufficient.

Def hour glass on the brooch...time’s running out. Happy #internationalwomensday

"Speaker Pelosi loaned these to me. She had them in her purse. They're Trump's."Just kidding. You don't need to borrow anyone's! You're bad-a**! I think it means,"Inspiration: It takes balls to stand up to the most powerful man in America, and JWB has shown she has the balls to do just that; do you?" Connect the dots.

On International Women's Day...we make do with what we have...and it takes balls. You have more “balls” than most people in DC. Double trouble (SC & SDNY) 8 for today’s date for IWD Giant shiny object.

I was thinking barbells for the strong woman you are!

Full size replica of Trump's.

They look a tiny bit like Christmas ornaments. For the gift the judge gave Manafort yesterday. I'm not gonna lie. This pin reminds me of Speaker Pelosi's red and blue necklace. (Hers has two blue "beads" in a necklace of red ones.) Both of you strong women seem to be wearing the 'nads of this incompetent "president" as jewels, as in, "you've got him by the..." #IndictTheMF

Something Nancy Pelosi took from Donald after the mid-terms.