Further Thoughts On Trump Not Releasing The Democrats' Rebuttal Memo

I wanted to expand my remarks on The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell 2/9/18 about Trump not declassifying and releasing the Democrats’ rebuttal memo.

  1. Trump was wrong to do that for many reasons.
  2. First, the Nunes memo is incomplete. For example, it suggests that FISA Court wasn't told that some of the info was from a political source & it wrongly suggests that the only basis for the warrant was Steele Dossier. Both of those statements are false and with other omissions make the Nunes memo totally misleading, as the FBI made clear to Trump before he allowed its release.
  3. Second, it was wrong to release the Nunes memo w/o the D memo to balance its omissions and releasing it separately gives the Rs an unfair advantage that is hard to overcome in the court of public opinion.
  4. Third, it was a mistake to release classified material in the Nunes memo because it jeopardizes future national security operations if cooperating parties think they may be revealed and because it shows our adversaries sources and methods. This mistake is compounded by the obvious omissions in the memo that scream to be corrected, risking additional release of classified info.
  5. The Nunes memo must be corrected now by releasing the D memo in order for us to get the full facts even if it requires some additional release of classified information that they would not otherwise wish to release.
  6. It’s important to note that the Ds, unlike Nunes/Trump, did the right thing and sent their memo to the FBI for review before it was released to avoid unnecessary release of classified sources and methods. This has led to Trump having a cover for not authorizing its release which is why we now need a negotiated redaction with the very Cmtee that released the misleading memo.
  7. If either Trump or Nunes were smart or had good legal advice or just understood chess, they would not have released the Nunes memo but they did and now we must get every part of the Democratic memo that we possibly can to see the full story.